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“The Radio In My Head is a celebration
so lush and joyous, it just might burst.”

--- Andrea Swensson, CITYPAGES

“American Love” is one of the best albums released in a while...
a distinct album with incredible talent much like that of such
legends like Billy Joel and John Mellencamp.

--- Tammy Reese, RIFT


D’Rozario is hands-down one of the best songwriters in the
Twin Cities, and American Love paints aural landscapes that
warm even the coldest of hearts on a snowy Minnesota day.

--- Greg Swan, Perfect Porridge


…an album of songs so beautifully crafted and expertly
produced that they sound like radio hits lining up for the
playlist … (they) have the sonic quality and melodic structure
to stand alone, as individual works of art.

--- Howwastheshow.com